How Important A Pole Dancer’s Shoes Are To Her

Captiva-608 AWhen an exotic-dancing young lady is on the floor and wearing nothing but a pair of sexy high heel shoes, she is probably well aware that most of her audience’s eyes are on her flesh. However, the lady needs to feel confident and attractive. This is not easy when naked in front of others, but the shoes she wears can make all the difference. There are a couple of good reasons why a pair of pole dancing shoes can make the lady performing feel good about herself and her performance.
pole-danceFirstly, and most importantly, she has to be safe. This may sound daft or obvious, but any kind of pole dancing involves a certain risk of twisting an ankle or a heel breaking off. This would not only ruin the performance and embarrass her. It is also likely to cause loss of earnings from not being able to perform for a while. Not just any high heel shoes can be worn when performing a pole dance. The right kind of shoes need to be worn for appearance, comfort and durability. Having an accident on the stage or floor is of course the worst scenario, but the performing ladies also need the confidence in their footwear that this won’t happen, otherwise their dance will be affected by the way they feel.
Kiss-202-RSecondly, pole-dancing ladies need to feel good about themselves, especially their appearance. In everyday situations, they can rely on clothing to make them look and feel attractive to others, but when naked on stage, they only have their moves and their shoes. Their own flesh is not exciting or novel to them, as they’ve had it all their life. They can only get excited or feel a special about what they’re wearing. Their dance shoes are just about their only tools and they’re extremely important. Adore-738Some ladies new to the business may presume that any pair of platform shoes or dancing shoes will do the job, but this is not the case. While some might believe it to be glorified prostitution or ‘a-go-go Thai style’ they should understand that pole dancing is a form of art and even some universities and colleges even hold pole dancing classes for those who want to do it professionally.
In summary, although some people don’t take pole dancing seriously, it is a well-paid profession which has its risks and requires the right tools and training. The only tools available to the performing ladies are her shoes. They should be safe and comfortable, but sexy and make her feel good about how she looks on the floor.