The best custom-made shoes that money can buy

Shoes are a very personal thing. Shoes worn for any kind of fashion or style are done so in an attempt to make the wearer look different from others. So, can any pair of shoes off the shelf ever be perfect? Anyone with enough style to know which type and colour of shoe best suits a particular occasion might just have that same idea as someone else. Imagine arriving at a party wearing the same shoes as another guest. The best and only answer is to have shoes which are custom made. In this situation the person can choose exactly which style they like, as well as have the shoes to fit perfectly. Shoes off the shelf are made to full sizes, and are always a pair. Many people have a half shoe size or a slight difference between their left and right foot.

Possibly the most well-known international custom shoe maker is Karo, from the USA. Made to order in any size and colour, often with attachments, such as straps, which can be used at some times but not others. This brand are second-to-none with regards to quality. Since Karo’s shoes and boots are not made until they are ordered this means any shoe or boot can be modified by the customer to suit their own personal tastes. Karo’s shoes and boots can be modified in various ways, regarding design characteristics. This is mainly around the upper of the shoe, such as how far to extend the front ‘toe’ or the part which comes up over the metatarsal bones on top of the foot. Also customers can increase or reduce the height of the heel of any shoe or boot. Some people like a higher heel, whereas others might want a thicker sole. The suppleness in the leather is also a factor, as is the comfort of the instep. The design parameters are infinite, and the lucky customer can mix the different combinations to make a truly unique pair of hand-made shoes. For example, customers can combine the heel of one shoe or boot with the upper of any other shoe or boot. And also customers can add an ankle strap to any shoe, or take the ankle away if they want. This ability to intermix all these combinations of style, function and comfort make Karo’s shoes the very best that money can buy. This is the beauty of Karo’s shoes and boots!

Please note that Karo’s shoes and boots are hand-made in the USA and are not made until ordered. This means there is often a delay of 3-4 weeks to delivery. But these shoes are beautifully made and worth the wait.

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