Who Wears High Heels, and Why?

heel-shoesHigh heel shoes are in fashion. They have been for decades and they always will be. The vast majority of people who wear high heel shoes are ladies, but there are more men wearing them than you may believe. Why do people wear shoes with high heels? Quite simply, to increase their height, or at least their perceived height. But their reasons for want to do this are many and varied.
high heel shoesIt’s probably fair to say that just about everyone who wants to increase their perceived height by wearing high heels does so to make them feel good inside. There’s no getting away from the fact that high heels are physically uncomfortable. Whatever they may make the wearer feel about him or herself on the inside, there is an inescapable physical price to pay, both when walking and standing. So, what is so important about looking taller than you really are?
wearing-high-heelsFor ladies, it’s often to look sexy, or at least attractive. High heels make the legs appear longer, and any survey of males and ladies’ peers will show that long legs are good. A good pair of legs can compliment a pretty lady’s figure and face, or take the attention away from any imperfections. It’s a sad truth that however pretty, beautiful or attractive a short lady or lady with short legs is, if there’s another taller one to compare her to, height often scores a lot of points. In addition, first impressions mean so much. Even if the admirer soon discovers that his new friend or colleague isn’t nearly as tall as he first thought, that positive first impression has already been made.
For both ladies and men who want to appear taller, another reason is their lack of confidence among their peers or subordinates. Height is power. Taller people see and hear more, and their voices project further. Both men and women wear high heel shoes in business and social situations in order to feel equal to or greater than those around them. While men’s high heels are mostly concealed within the shoes’ soles, ladies are free to wear exposed heels as high as they can tolerate. Colours for men are usually black or brown, but for the ladies, there is a huge spectrum of acceptable colours and a range of styles to suit the occasion, as well how tall and thin the lady can stand and walk in without too much discomfort. While the males may feel a little jealous of not having the choice of colours and styles, they should think again about how difficult it is to spend the day or evening in a pair of high heel shoes.


How Important A Pole Dancer’s Shoes Are To Her

Captiva-608 AWhen an exotic-dancing young lady is on the floor and wearing nothing but a pair of sexy high heel shoes, she is probably well aware that most of her audience’s eyes are on her flesh. However, the lady needs to feel confident and attractive. This is not easy when naked in front of others, but the shoes she wears can make all the difference. There are a couple of good reasons why a pair of pole dancing shoes can make the lady performing feel good about herself and her performance.
pole-danceFirstly, and most importantly, she has to be safe. This may sound daft or obvious, but any kind of pole dancing involves a certain risk of twisting an ankle or a heel breaking off. This would not only ruin the performance and embarrass her. It is also likely to cause loss of earnings from not being able to perform for a while. Not just any high heel shoes can be worn when performing a pole dance. The right kind of shoes need to be worn for appearance, comfort and durability. Having an accident on the stage or floor is of course the worst scenario, but the performing ladies also need the confidence in their footwear that this won’t happen, otherwise their dance will be affected by the way they feel.
Kiss-202-RSecondly, pole-dancing ladies need to feel good about themselves, especially their appearance. In everyday situations, they can rely on clothing to make them look and feel attractive to others, but when naked on stage, they only have their moves and their shoes. Their own flesh is not exciting or novel to them, as they’ve had it all their life. They can only get excited or feel a special about what they’re wearing. Their dance shoes are just about their only tools and they’re extremely important. Adore-738Some ladies new to the business may presume that any pair of platform shoes or dancing shoes will do the job, but this is not the case. While some might believe it to be glorified prostitution or ‘a-go-go Thai style’ they should understand that pole dancing is a form of art and even some universities and colleges even hold pole dancing classes for those who want to do it professionally.
In summary, although some people don’t take pole dancing seriously, it is a well-paid profession which has its risks and requires the right tools and training. The only tools available to the performing ladies are her shoes. They should be safe and comfortable, but sexy and make her feel good about how she looks on the floor.

High Heels Surry Hills

There are many exciting shopping areas in Australia’s most populous city, and it depends on which items one is looking for to decide on which district is the best. For example, a shopper would not go to Kings Cross for the best deal in high quality audio visual equipment. Each part of the city has its niche, or niches, and luckily for most shoppers, the best outlets tend to gather in particular areas. One example is sexy and fashionable ladies shoes. In fact, for high heels Surry Hills is probably THE place to go to in all of Australia, not just Sydney. One is able to buy cheap heels as well as the best quality in sexy height-increasing footwear. The whole community appears to have accepted that this type of industry goes on in Surry Hills and most of them benefit from it. If ever asked the question of where to get high heels the answer should be Surry Hills for those who are able to travel there in person. Of course, many people want to buy heels online which is no problem, as the best suppliers are set up for internet shopping within the country and for export.

Shoes with high heels are not the only items sold in the area. As well as regular shops selling day-to-day products, and a vibrant nightlife, one can also find all kinds of weird and wonderful products such as a pole dancer pole and bondage apparel. However, shoes with a high heel are one of Surry Hills’ best-selling items.

As already mentioned, for high heels Surry Hills is a great place to start, and one would hope, finish your shopping. There really is no need to waste time going around trying to save a dollar here or there, because the best are also often the best value. Using the words ‘cheap’ or ‘cheapest’ can be misleading, because they also have a negative meaning. Cheap to many people means low quality. ‘Inexpensive’, ‘low priced’ or ‘best value’ would be far more appropriate terminology.

Getting back to the point, for those after buying the best value high heels and able to go to Sydney, or find reputable retailers online, Surry Hills is the centre for this kind of product. For high heels Surry Hills is second to none in the city, state and country. Some would even say that the place is a world leader, due to its cosmopolitan and broad-minded community and western standards of quality.